In this article (ASHEVILLE MUSIC TECHNOLOGIES). I will tell If you’re looking for information about music technologies in Asheville, North Carolina, or if you want to know how to explore and engage with the local music scene and technology in Asheville, I can provide some general guidance

Local Music Scene

Asheville has a vibrant music scene with a wide range of genres, from bluegrass and folk to rock and electronic. To get involved or learn more, you can start by attending local music events, concerts, and festivals. Check out venues like The Orange Peel, Grey Eagle, or Isis Music Hall for live music performances.

Music Technology Workshops and Meetups

Look for music technology workshops, seminars, and meetups happening in the area. These events often provide opportunities to learn about the latest music technologies and network with like-minded individuals.

Local Music Schools and Programs

Consider enrolling in music production or music technology courses at local colleges or schools, such as the University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA) or Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College (A-B Tech). These programs can help you gain valuable knowledge and skills in music technology.

Online Resources

Explore online resources and forums dedicated to music technology. Websites like Gearslutz, Reddit’s r/audioengineering, and forums on websites like KVR Audio often have discussions, tutorials, and recommendations related to music production and technology.

Recording Studios

Asheville has several recording studios where you can learn about music production and technology. Reach out to studios in the area and inquire about internships, workshops, or studio tours.

Collaborate with Local Musicians

Connect with local musicians and producers to collaborate on music projects. Networking and building relationships in the local music community can lead to valuable opportunities to explore music technologies together.

Music Technology Associations

Look for music technology associations or groups in the Asheville area. These organizations may host events and offer resources related to music technology.


Networking is essential in any industry, and it’s no different in the music technology scene. Attend music technology events, workshops, and conferences in Asheville. Join online forums and social media groups related to music technology in the area to connect with like-minded individuals.

DIY Music Tech

Asheville has a DIY culture, and many individuals and groups experiment with building their own music technology devices and software. If you have an interest in electronics and programming, you might explore building your own music tech projects.

Build a Portfolio

If you’re looking to work professionally in music technology, start building a portfolio of your work. This can include recordings, music production projects, software development projects, or any other relevant work.

Education and Training

Consider enrolling in music technology courses or programs at local universities or community colleges. These institutions may offer courses on audio engineering, music production, or electronic music composition.


What is Asheville Music Technologies?

Asheville Music Technologies could refer to a variety of things, including music production companies, music technology businesses, or organizations dedicated to promoting music and technology in Asheville.

Where can I find music technology workshops and classes in Asheville?

To find music technology workshops and classes in Asheville, you can check with local colleges, music schools, and community centers. Additionally, online resources and local event listings may provide information about upcoming workshops.

Are there any music technology meetups or groups in Asheville?

To discover music technology meetups or groups in Asheville, consider looking on social media platforms,, or contacting local music and tech organizations. These groups often organize events and gatherings for enthusiasts.

What are some popular music venues in Asheville?

Asheville has a thriving music scene with venues like The Orange Peel, Grey Eagle, Isis Music Hall, and more. These venues host live music performances across various genres.

Where can I buy music gear and equipment in Asheville?

Music gear and equipment can be found at stores like Moog Music, Asheville Music & Arts, and various instrument shops throughout the city.

How can I connect with local musicians and producers for collaborations?

You can connect with local musicians and producers through social media platforms, attending local music events, or joining online forums and communities dedicated to music in Asheville.

Are there any music festivals in Asheville?

Asheville hosts various music festivals throughout the year. Keep an eye on event listings and local news to stay informed about upcoming festivals.


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