In this article (TECHNOLOGY SQUARE GARAGE).  To access Technology Square Garage or Tech Square Garage, you’ll need to follow the specific directions and guidelines provided by Georgia Tech’s parking services. Here are general steps to help you find and access the garage

  Plan Your Visit

Determine the date and time you plan to visit Technology Square Garage. Consider checking the official Georgia Tech website or contacting their parking services for information on current rates, hours of operation, and any special instructions.

Navigate to the Location

Address: Technology Square Garage is located in the heart of Atlanta’s Technology Square, which is part of the Georgia Tech campus. The exact address may vary slightly, so it’s a good idea to use a mapping app or GPS to find the precise location.

Parking Entrance

Locate the entrance to the garage. There should be clear signage indicating where you can enter. Follow these signs to reach the entrance.

Access and Payment

Depending on the garage’s setup, you may need to take a ticket from an automated machine when you enter the garage. Some garages offer payment upon exit, while others require prepayment at designated kiosks or online through an app or website. Ensure you understand the payment process and pay as necessary.

Park Your Vehicle

Find an available parking spot within the garage. The garage may have multiple levels or sections, so follow any guidance provided to find an appropriate spot.

Secure Your Vehicle

Lock the doors to your car and remove any valuables. Follow any security recommendations provided by the garage.

Exit the Garage

When you’re ready to leave, follow the signs to the exit. If you paid upon entry, you may need to insert your ticket into a payment kiosk or make payment via the payment method specified.

Exit and Return Home

Follow the instructions to exit the garage. Be aware of any posted speed limits and traffic rules within the garage and on the campus.


What are the operating hours of Technology Square Garage?

This question helps visitors know when the garage is open for parking.

What are the rates for parking at Technology Square Garage?

Provide details on hourly, daily, or monthly parking rates.

Is there reserved parking available, and how can I reserve a spot?

If there are reserved parking options, explain the process for securing a spot.

Are there any discounts or validation programs available for parking?

Share information about any discounts or validation programs for customers.

Is there EV charging available in the garage?

Mention if there are electric vehicle charging stations and any associated fees or requirements.

What is the maximum vehicle height allowed in the garage?

Provide information about height restrictions for vehicles.

Is there accessible parking for people with disabilities, and how does it work?

Explain the availability and accessibility of parking spots for individuals with disabilities.

Are there security measures in place at Technology Square Garage?

Describe the security features such as surveillance cameras or attendants.

What payment methods are accepted in the garage?

List the accepted payment methods, including credit cards, cash, or mobile payments.

Is overnight parking allowed in the garage?

Clarify whether customers can leave their vehicles overnight and any associated fees.

Can I exit and re-enter the garage on the same day with my parking ticket?

Inform visitors about the re-entry policy.

How do I contact Technology Square Garage for further assistance or questions?

Indicate how to reach you for questions or help.


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